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Gastronaut is a food and beverage specialized Hospitality Company which creates its own brands and manage existing brands.

Restaurant Consultancy

Why Gastronaut ?

Discover what sets us apart as the go-to experts and consultants in the restaurant industry.
Gastronaut boasts a team of creative professionals with a track record of success in the UAE market. Experience matters in the restaurant industry, as it brings a deep understanding of local preferences, trends, and challenges. Clients can benefit from the team’s knowledge and insights to make informed decisions.
Gastronaut’s team has a history of delivering profitable and successful restaurant operations. This means that they have a proven formula and expertise to help clients maximize their return on investment. Past success is a strong indicator of future performance.
Creativity is crucial in the restaurant industry, where innovation can set a business apart from competitors. Gastronaut’s team of creative professionals can bring fresh ideas to the table, helping clients develop unique concepts, menus, and marketing strategies that appeal to customers
The UAE market can be complex and diverse, with different regions and demographics to consider. Gastronaut’s local experience ensures that clients receive tailored solutions that cater to the specific needs and preferences of their target audience.

Food and beverage specialized Hospitality Company in the World


Dubai's Best Hospitality Consultancy

Focused Expertise

Precision-crafted strategies honed for your hospitality venture’s success.

Practical Solutions

Implementable, results-oriented approaches tailored to your business needs.

Swift Impact

We offer innovative solutions that bring immediate results and measurable outcomes.

Goal Focused

Your goals are our compass. Our targeted strategies will help you achieve the results you are after.

We Creates Food and Beverage Specialized Brands in the UAE

We work as a family in our company and restaurants. All the stakeholders have the responsibility for ultimate success of our businesses with our unique income sharing model. From lower level to highest level we create a new generation working environment

Who's Behind

Orkan Doganci


The brains behind launching the famed Turkish restaurant Bosporus in Dubai, restaurateur Orkan Doganci is a celebrated name in the F&B business across theglobe. Born to a Turkish immigrant family in …..

Ahmet Oytun Cakir

Managing Partner
A Dubai based entrepreneur, restauranteur and someone known as “the one who makes a local restaurant brand a global brand.” He was raised as hotelier and grew up with his family…

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