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Gastronaut is an F&B specialized Hospitality Company with a vision to elevate brands to achieve the heights of success.

Where imagination become Gastronomy

In the ever-evolving, competitive landscape of the restaurant industry, the guidance and expertise of a dedicated restaurant consultancy company is paramount. At Gastronaut, we have carved a niche as industry specialists, dedicated to the success of our clients in the F&B industry. We have the capabilities to bring your biggest visions to life!

The Team Behind

Orkan Doganci


The brains behind launching the famed Turkish restaurant Bosporus in Dubai, restaurateur Orkan Doganci is a celebrated name in the F&B business across theglobe. Born to a Turkish immigrant family in Troisdorf, Germany, Doganci’s love for food started at his father’s kitchen at the age of 13. Entrepreneur by nature, helearnt the tricks of the trade in his father’s many restaurants and set on his own course by the age of 27.


His fortunes rose as he opened Bosporus in Dubai with two business partners before he was 30 years old in 2011. This was the first of the chain and one ofthe largest and most prominent Turkish restaurants in Dubai.


The fast-paced F&B scene in Dubai saw Bosporus boom and become the city’s favourite in no time. Then followed the other branches in Dubai that saw equalpopularity. Post Dubai, Doganci launched his first Turkish restaurant in Istanbul

Ahmet Oytun Cakir

Managing Partner

A Dubai based entrepreneur, restauranteur and someone known as “the one who makes a local restaurant brand a global brand.”
He was raised as hotelier and grew up with his family in Bodrum surrounded by the hospitality, and travel industry since his childhood.


After living across Europe in Turkey and Switzerland, he decided to make a change and move to Dubai to lead in the restaurant business as the Regional Director of QFood & Beverage. The company owns leading Restaurant brands like Huqqa and The Galliard. Both restaurants have been established for the first time outside of Turkey in Dubai and Oytun Cakir was a pioneer behind the successful expansion of local brands to the world. They are now one of the top three performing restaurants in their segments in Downtown Dubai.

Our Gastronomy Mission

We work as a family in our company and restaurants. All the stakeholders have the responsibility for ultimate success of our businesses with our unique income sharing model. From lower level to highest level we create a new generation working environment targeting sustainable, forever renovating mission and vision.

Experience and Professionalism

Our team is formed by the most creative professionals which have proven themselves in the UAE market. With all our experience combined we deliver the most profitable and successful restaurant operations.

We Care

We care about our world and environment. All our decisions are effected for sustainable and peaceful future. We source responsibly, We serve responsibly, We manage responsibly…

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